nice to meet ya.

You probably landed on this page to find out if I'm the right instructor for you.  The best way for you to decide that will be to learn a little more about me so, here goes.

My earliest memories in life revolve around guns.  Firearms were always present in our home and I was taught immediately all aspects of gun safety and responsible ownership.  Target practice, hunting, reloading and testing new ammunition and competition were a way of life.

From the time I was old enough to walk I would sneak the farm hunting squirrels, rabbits and doves for the dinner table.  My grandmother would pay me 50 cents for every squirrel and a dollar for every chipmunk I could snipe out of her yard.  She hated the fact that they ate her figs, got in her attic and tunneled through her flower beds.  My father taught me all the fundamentals of marksmanship and I applied them in real life in my hunts as a kid.  I was deadly with my RWS and Benjamin pellet rifles!

When I was eight years old I graduated from a pellet rifle to my very own collection of guns.  A .22 rifle was my go to for small game, a 30-06 with custom loads that had very little recoil (thanks, Dad) resulted in my first deer that same year as well as a 20 gauge and 12 gauge shotgun for dove hunts.

This was also about the same time my father introduced me to competitive shooting.  He was already a distinguished competitive shooter in multiple disciplines, winning many titles with shotgun, pistol and rifle.  Competitive shooting was immediately my favorite thing to do and still is to this day.  My first matches were with muzzle loaders.  Black powder rifle and pistol, shooting open sights at precise targets out to one hundred yards...the ultimate test of marksmanship.  I loved the camaraderie and being able to test my skills against other people.  I remember being so nervous at my first match I could not hold steady, I was shaking so bad!  When I was twelve years old I won the Men's Georgia State Flintlock Championship.  Throughout my teens and twenties many more local and territorial championships were claimed.

About this time my brother, John Browning, was coming of age and dad taught him the same way he taught me.  John went on to serve in the United States Marine Corps where he was a scout sniper, serving multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  There he applied his skills to protect our freedoms.  He was selected to Join the elite Army Marksmanship Unit on their action pistol team and is also a firearms instructor.  If you are in the Columbus, Georgia area you can find his courses at

Confident Carry was born out of this heritage of firearms.

I want to teach you how to be a better marksman or markswoman. 
I want you to have the ability to defend what is precious to you.
I want to people to experience competitive shooting with confidence if they so desire.
I want everyone to be safe, skilled and secure with their firearms.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see ya on the range.

NRA Certified pistol instructor.
NRA Certified personal protection instructor.
Competitive shooter.
NMLRA Territorial Champion
NMLRA Charter Club National Championship Team Member
Confident Carry with Carson Founder

Husband to Haley
Daddy to Elizabeth


After getting comfortable with the grip and not fearing handling the gun, my favorite part was the range time. I progressed quickly and really enjoyed the challenge of hitting the different targets more accurately.
— J.A.